Bikes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Award winning composer Patrick Jonsson reunites with Air-Edel Records for the release of his single from the brand new short-film ‘Bikes’ from director Charlotte Regan. Patrick’s experimental approach to composition for this single creates a beautifully intricate and uplifting piece.

This track was written for a short film directed by my friend Charlotte Regan called ‘Bikes’. I always love using short form content as an opportunity to experiment with different colours/ideas to what I’ve done in the past so this was a really exciting world to dive into, and something slightly different from me musically. I hope people enjoy it and that it transports them to the carefree world of young love and doing wheelies. I had a lot of fun making it and hope that comes across.’ – Patrick Jonsson

‘Bikes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ will release on 19th October 2023. Patrick Jonsson and Charlotte Regan recently worked together on ‘Scrapper’, the soundtrack to which was released by Air-Edel Records in September 2023.