A Vineyard in La Mancha

On 17th July, Besant Hall Records released ‘A Vineyard in La Mancha’ by award winning composer Michael Csányi-Wills, a collection of pieces that paint a portrait of a Spanish family and their picturesque surroundings. The album features solo guitar and accordian, accompanied by a chamber string orchestra recorded at TOM TOM Studios in Budapest.

Taking inspiration from the simple life of a family in the Spanish countryside, ‘A Vineyard in La Mancha’ will take you on a journey reminiscent of relaxing holidays in the Spanish sun. Themes such as family life are explored in tracks such as “Una Nueva Familia”, “What’s Cooking” and “Hide and Seek”, while the beauty of the land is reflected in “A Tour of the Vineyard” and “Through the Desert”. The importance of traditions and heritage are also enscapsulated through “An Old Tale of the Mountains” and “Old Photographs”.