Urban Myths: Agatha Christie

‘Urban Myths: Agatha Christie‘ was scored by Christian Henson. The comedy drama was produced by Yellow Door Productions for Sky Arts and was directed by Guillem Morales.

“Agatha Christie’s mysterious 11 day disappearance in 1926 gripped the nation and set off one of the biggest manhunts ever mounted. In desperation, Britain’s most famous crime writers of the time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy L. Sayers, were drafted in to help the search. As they took matters into their own hands with their contrasting methods of detection, this was the beginning of crime’s most unlikely investigative partnership: Sayers and Conan Doyle, together at last and on the hunt for Agatha Christie.”

The programme also features a live piano performance from Rupert Cross as he arranged and accompanied Anna Maxwell Martin singing.

Urban Myths: Agatha Christie Air-Edel

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