This Is Going to Hurt

Matt Biffa and Ciara Elwis music supervised the BBC One | AMC series ‘This is Going to Hurt’ starring Ben Wishaw, produced by Sister. Michael L. Roberts was the Cast Music Coach.


Based on Adam Kay’s award-winning international multi-million selling memoir of the same name, Ben Whishaw (A Very English Scandal, Skyfall, London Spy) will play the screen version of Adam in the series which has been adapted by creator Kay himself.

This is Going to Hurt is Kay’s diaries, scribbled in secret after endless days, sleepless nights and missed weekends, tell the unvarnished truth of life as a doctor working in obstetrics and gynaecology. The series sees Adam clinging to his personal life as he is increasingly overwhelmed by stresses at work: the 97-hour weeks, the life and death decisions, and all the while knowing the hospital parking meter is earning more than him.

This Is Going To Hurt is a show about trying to be a good doctor in a system which can sometimes feel like it’s working against you. Like the book, the series will depict life on and off the hospital ward with frank and often shocking honesty. The series rejoices in the highs, while pulling no punches in its depiction of the gut-wrenching lows, and celebrates the everyday superstars of the health service who keep our hospitals running.”

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