H is for Happiness

Nerida Tyson-Chew composed the original score for John Sheedy directed feature film ‘H is for Happiness’.

“Led by newcomers Daisy Axon and Wesley Patten, H is for Happiness is the story of Candice Phee, a relentlessly optimistic and hilariously forthright girl on the cusp of her 13th birthday. Candice’s family is in disarray: her mum has been living with depression since the death of Candice’s baby sister, while her dad and his brother – Candice’s beloved Rich Uncle Brian – are not on speaking terms. As she faces the uncertainties of impending adolescence with the help of her new friend Douglas Benson, Candice hatches a variety of outlandish schemes to make her nearest and dearest happy again.”

‘H is for Happiness’ recieved its world premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival was honoured with the 2019 CinefestOZ prize and recieved a special mention in the Children’s Jury in Generation Kplus at Berlin International Film Festival 2020.


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