Patrick Doyle composed the music for Academy Award-winning Walt Disney Pictures feature film ‘Brave’, directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman.

“Merida (Kelly Macdonald), the impetuous but courageous daughter of Scottish King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), is a skilled archer who wants to carve out her own path in life. Her defiance of an age-old tradition angers the Highland lords and leads to chaos in the kingdom. Merida seeks help from an eccentric witch (Julie Walters), who grants her an ill-fated wish. Now, Merida must discover the true meaning of courage and undo a beastly curse before it’s too late.”

Maggie Rodford was the score producer, assisted by Chantelle Woodnutt. Rupert Cross was the music programmer.

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