Branston: 'Hit of Home'

Patrick Jonsson composed the original score for the Branston Christmas campaign, ‘A hit of home’, directed by BAFTA-nominated Charlotte Regan and produced by Wonderhood Studios.

“The short 60-second advert follows a young woman who settles into a new life in the city after getting a new job.

From the nerves on her first day at work, to meeting new friends for drinks, we follow her having a heartwarming phone conversation with her parents as she explains what she has been up to.

We then see her arrive back at her flat after a tiresome day to find a package waiting for her. Wrapped in a bow, she opens it up to discover a jar of Branston pickle — and her spirits are immediately lifted.

Simple, yes, but it highlights how something like a jar of pickle can bring those wonderful feelings of home rushing back in an instant. The ad ends with the woman eating a cheese, lettuce, and pickle sandwich while listening to a voice message from her parents.”

Charlotte Regan, the director said: “It was important for me to create in-depth backstories for our characters. I think it affects all those tiny decisions you make throughout the process. Would Mia drink coffee or tea? Would she enjoy the rain or hate it? When those decisions come from a character-motivated place it helps you keep a grasp on the story and hopefully, that shows in the film. The shoot was honestly a joy. I’d never worked with the DP and he was a legend. Weirdly the voiceover was maybe my favourite part. Hilary, who we street cast, was an absolute ledge too. We got to travel up to her and hang-out whilst we recorded it”.

The campaign with media by Bountiful Cow launched on 27th November 2020 at 8.30 pm on Channel 4 during The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice.


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