African Apocalypse

Tunde Jegede and Sunara Begum provided the soundtrack for ‘African Apocalypse’, a documentary feature directed by Rob Lemkin and featuring Femi Nylander, which premiered as part of the 2020 BFI London Film Festival. Tunde curated the musical soundscape for the film, which included utilising existing works by him and Sunara from the Xiom Music catalogue (published by Air-Edel) as well as some original music.


“When British-Nigerian poet and activist Femi Nylander discovered Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the novel that Barack Obama claims helped him understand why ‘white people are afraid’, he was immediately drawn to understanding this distorted vision of Africa. Embarking on a spiritual journey to Niger, Femi uncovers the violent legacy of the real-life counterpart to Conrad’s novel, French Captain Paul Voulet, whose genocidal mission in 1898 can still be felt today, through subsequent generations of his victims. A brutal indictment of colonialism that never shies away from the horrifying terrorism Africans endured under colonial rule, African Apocalypse is a visually compelling, visceral experience that seeks to understand how our colonial past shapes our present with a passionate conviction that it doesn’t define our future.”


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