On The Ice Edge

Air Edel Records released ‘On The Ice Edge’ in August 2017. The classical crossover album composed by Michael Csányi-Wills was inspired by Bruckner’s Symphony No. 3 in D Minor.

The album is available to downlad and stream across all major digital platforms  including Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

“My first thoughts that inspired this album was a somewhat unlikely pairing of Bruckner and the mountains of Norway broken up by its famous valleys and fjords. The idea was to create an album of individual scenes, as if for a film, with a murder investigation at its core. An hour and a half of music was written, but was edited down to 41 minutes for the purpose of this release. The central theme was inspired by the opening few bars of Bruckner’s third symphony.

We recorded the score with the wonderful TOMTOM studios in Budapest, and was mixed and mastered by Nick Taylor, at Air Edel, whose great work on this has been instrumental in creating a dynamic and dramatic sound.”  – Michael Csányi-Wills