Air-Edel Client and Visitor Policies (COVID-19 & Child Protection)

COVID-19 Policy

Air-Edel Recording Studios have been working hard to ensure the safety of all our clients and staff during these unprecedented times. During April and May our team implemented measures to ensure that our historic studios can safely open while remaining a welcoming and creative hub. We are open and operating with the new protocols that have been put into place. Please do contact to discuss your upcoming projects. We shall keep assessing all our protocols as guidelines continue to be amended.

Observing Social Distancing

    • We have reassigned the people-flow through the building, ensuring social distancing at all times.
    • The majority of Air-Edel administrative staff are currently working from home. The building is working with a small staff of engineer, assistant engineer (if required) and one front of house staff member. The control room has maximum personnel of 3 people per session. All live spaces will always have players placed at a minimum of 2m apart.
    • Client/Studio start times will be staggered to allow for safe entrance into the building
    • We have implemented a one-way flow round the building with clear signposting – preserving social distancing at all times. Studio 2 can be accessed by two staircases, one for travelling upstairs and the other for travelling downstairs.
    • Each session will be discussed in detail and risk assessed. Please contact Natalie with any enquiries.


    • Microphones are designated to each player/ actor for the entire duration of the session. All equipment including headphones / microphones etc. are thoroughly cleaned between clients.
    • There are separate keyboard/mouse etc. for each Air-Edel engineer. External Pro Tools operators are, for the moment, encouraged to bring their own.
    • We will designate one person on the session (eg. engineer) to handle any technical equipment that can’t practically be cleaned such as consoles etc.

PPE and Cleaning

    • We strongly request that clients use their own PPE but we can provide face masks and gloves upon arrival into the studio building if this is not possible.
    • We have recently had the building renovated and deep cleaned including all carpeted areas.
    • Common touchpoints such as door handles are routinely cleaned throughout the day. Most internal doors are kept open at all times –  ensuring that movement around the building requires no need to touch any door handles.
    • We are asking that clients bring their own cups and water containers. We do offer recyclable disposable cups but are seeking to reduce any rubbish produced by each session.
    •  We have hand dryers and disposal paper towels in all our bathrooms.

Child Protection Policy 

Air-Edel Recording Studios are committed to protecting children and has a legal responsibility towards any child it interacts with, whether as a performer or a visitor. Please note that in the context of child protection, “a child” refers to anyone under 18 years of age. A “young person” is someone who is under 18 but over school leaving age (a child stops being of compulsory school age on the last Friday in June of the academic year in which their sixteenth birthday falls. The academic year runs from the 1st September to 31st August).


Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy statement is:

  •  to protect children and young people who perform at or visits Air-Edel Recording Studios from harm. This includes the children of adults who use our services
  • to provide staff and volunteers, as well as children and young people and their families, with the overarching principles that guide our approach to child protection. Our aim is to implement a bespoke safeguarding system where harm or risk of harm is identified, acted upon effectively and ultimately prevented. This policy establishes the responsibilities of everyone who works for Air-Edel (employees, contractors or other persons or companies acting on behalf of Air-Edel) with regard to the protection of children and young people when working with or when brought into contact with children and young people.

Principles of Good Practice

The key principles and concerns are:

  • The welfare of the child or young person is the paramount consideration and should be at the heart of all productions and generally within the company.
  • The behaviour of an adult who works with children.
  • All children and young people, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial or ethnic origin, religious belief and sexual identity have a right to protection from harm or abuse.
  • It is the responsibility of all staff of Air-Edel to promote the protection of children and young people and to comply with this policy. Staff are always expected to apply common sense to situations and protect the child’s welfare as priority.

These principles flow from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which lists the following rights:

  • The right to a childhood including protection from all forms of violence (Article 6, 19, 34, 36)
  • The right to have their best interests at the heart of all we do (Article 3)
  • The right to be educated (Article 24, 28, 29)
  • The right to be healthy (Article 24, 32, 39)
  • The right to be treated fairly (Article 40)
  • The right to privacy (Article 16)
  • The right to be heard including considering children’s views (Article 12, 13, 14, 15, 25)
  • Access to information from the media in a form they can understand (Article 17)

Accordingly, Air-Edel undertakes to:

  • Treat children and young people with care, respect and dignity.
  • Recognise that all those working for Air-Edel will be perceived by children and young people as trusted persons.
  • Ensure communication with children and young people is open and clear.
  • Assess the risks posed to children when undertaking activities or visiting Air-Edel.
  • Ensure staff avoid physical contact with children and young people except for reasons of health and safety, or otherwise where necessary, under supervision.
  • Keep staff informed of how and where they can go for advice and support when dealing with child protection concerns.
  • Respond to any allegations appropriately and implement a disciplinary process as appropriate;
  • Review and update this policy on a regular basis.


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