Richard Wells


Richard Wells is a BAFTA-nominated Film, TV and Games composer whose credits include the hit TV show ‘Being Human’, martial arts sensation ‘Ong-bak’ and the critically acclaimed soundtrack for Simon Hunter’s ‘Mutant Chronicles’.

Richard began his professional music career as a programmer, keyboard player and engineer. His credits include work on tracks by Dominic King (‘My Simple Heart’), John Moss (‘Culture Club’), ‘Talk Talk’ and ‘Clan of Xymox’. He joined Xymox in 1991 and toured the USA and later engineered and mixed their album ‘Metamorphosis’.

He met games composer Dave Punshon in 1994 and they have since gone on to compose music together for over 30 computer games.

Richard began composing for film in 1998 when he scored Jake West’s cult debut feature ‘Razor Blade Smile’. Richard’s collaboration with Jake continued with the horror film ‘Evil Aliens’, which won the Raindance award at the British Independent Film Awards, 2005.

In 2002, Richard found a niche writing music for film trailers. He has worked extensively for several labels including the Weinstein Company’s Dragon Dynasty. His original trailer music for over 50 feature films includes ‘The Grudge’, ‘Seven Swords’ and ‘Infernal Affairs’. In 2005, Richard completely re-scored the Thai martial arts smash-hit ‘Ong-Bak’. After a successful theatrical release, the UK version of ‘Ong-Bak’ has gone on to sell well over half a million units on DVD.

After scoring the teaser for director Simon Hunter, Richard was asked to write a full orchestral score for the major feature film ‘Mutant Chronicles’, starring Ron Pearlman and John Malkovich.

Richard scored all five series of the Touchpaper/ BBC smash-hit ‘Being Human’ for which he was nominated for a BAFTA and a Music and Sound Award for Best TV Soundtrack. He followed this with Touchpaper/ ITV2’s comedy/ drama ‘Switch’.

In 2014, he finished the score for Michael Bartlett’s indie horror/drama ‘Treehouse’, which went straight to number 1 on the UK iTunes horror chart. He has also contributed original tracks for Creative Assembly’s hotly anticipated ‘Total War Battles – Kingdom’.

Richard also writes music for the KPM/ EMI production music label.