For the Last Time

UK-based singer-songwriter Mary Leay and Air-Edel’s composer Michael J. McEvoy have digitally re-release their album ‘For The Last Time’ with Air-Edel Records on May 17th.

‘For The Last Time’ is a collection of songs written about a period in my life that now feels very far away, yet upon just one listen these songs bring it all back in an instant.  Songs about leaving behind lonelier times, about breaking free from a safe yet claustrophobic world and about discovering more of who I really was and what I needed to do in order to be happier in my skin. It will forever remain a very precious piece of work with some very fond memories that came from the writing and making of the album with the truly talented Michael McEvoy.

Mike was a mentor to me throughout that period of my life, and with honesty, patience, kindness and creativity helped me to fly that little bit higher than I ever could have alone.  The album has become, sort of, a piece of artwork that perhaps started to fade for a while. It’s exciting re-release through Air-Edel Records has allowed me to dust it down and hang on the wall somewhere, so I can remember with fondness and allow the next chapter of its journey to unfold. –  Mary Leay 

The album will be available for purchase and streaming across a number of platforms including Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

For the Last Time

Mary Leay – Singer, Producer
Michael John McEvoy – Arranger, Producer

Mary Leay
Michael J McEvoy
Miles Bould
Beatrix Lovejoy
Thomas Gould
Jane Carwardine
Amanda Smith
Clare Finnimore
Helen Kamminga
Jane Fenton
Helena Meikle
Gil Morely
Ellen Blaire