hacker: HUNTER

‘hacker: HUNTER’ is a Tomorrow Unlocked original series, that recaps the most notorious cybercrime cases of the recent years. It explores stories of the people working to stop cybercrime and build a safer future. Original music by Air-Edel composer Michael J McEvoy.

“While cybercrime is a technological process, it is created and performed by people. At the same time, police and security experts are trying to be a step ahead and stop them. hacker:HUNTER is looking at these people: the heroes stopping cybercrime, the motivations that drive cybercriminals and the question where the frontier between good and evil, between white and black is.

The first story is about Carbanak, a billion-dollar bank heist. “ATMs hold cash; that’s attractive to criminals all over the world”, says James Chapell in the first episode. The four-episode mini-series explores how an international group successfully emptied ATMs all around the world. And how international police cooperation got in their way.”

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