Air-Edel’s Emily Appleton-Holley, assisted by Ciara Elwis, music supervised ‘Habaneros’, directed by Julien Temple.

“A brief history of the Cuban capital of Havana, backed by a vibrant soundtrack of son cubano, salsa, jazz, rumba, mambo and hip hop. Drawing on archive footage, animations, movie excerpts and interviews with Havana residents, eyewitnesses and experts, Habaneros runs through key moments in the city’s modern history, from the abolition of slavery at the end of the 19th century to the Spanish–American War, and from the dictatorship of General Batista to the revolution of Fidel Castro. The film concludes by wondering what the future holds. Many Havana locals are encouraged by President Obama’s relaxation of sanctions, but much uncertainty remains. Will the historic city center soon be crammed with McDonald’s and Trump Towers? Will Havana still be Havana? As one person puts it, “If there is too much money, Havana can disappear. It could become gentrified or turned into a Cancun on the shores of the Caribbean.”