Five by Five

‘Five by Five’ the latest BBC3 drama, produced by Idris Elba challenges stereotypes, introduces us to exceptional new talent and is a bite-size, poetic slice of London. Painting an acutely-observed portrait of contemporary London, the series serves as a brief snapshot into many different people’s lives on one day, and how they overlap. The narrative is satisfyingly circular too, as it all comes back to Ash in the end.

Each story is portrayed by exceptional individual performances from rising stars such as Georgina Campbell, who features in the upcoming ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword‘ directed by Guy RitchieBen Tavassoli star of crime drama ‘New Blood‘, BAFTA-nominated Ruth Madly, and finally Sope Dirisu who has appeared in hit drama series including ‘The Halcyon‘ and ‘Black Mirror‘.

Air-Edel’s Patrick Jonsson composed the score for production which was part of the ‘Idris Takeover’.

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