Filthy Business

1968, East London.  Over the years and against all the odds, Yetta Solomon has built a thriving business from nothing through sheer grit and passion.  Ignoring all the obstacles – insufficient capital, economic downturns, aggressive competition – she has found a way to survive everything adversity could throw at her.

Now she faces her toughest challenge: her family. In a rapidly changing Britain, Yetta must protect the shop and keep it in the Solomon family. But her sons, grandchildren and in-laws have other ideas… Always ruthless, how far will she go to keep the business in the family and the family in the business?

The play was written by Ryan Craig and directed by the Hampstead Theatre Artistic Director Edward Hall, the cast includes Sara Kestelman, Jack Bannon, Babirye Bukilwa, Callie Cooke, and Stephen Critchlow.

Air-Edel’s Simon Slater composed the original score for the production which runs until the 22nd April at the Hampstead Theatre.

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