World Premiere of ‘Live Cinéma – The Silents of Avant-Garde Paris’ at Sheffield Doc Fest

22nd May 2019

We’re looking forward to the world premiere of ‘Live Cinéma – The Silents of Avant-Garde Paris’ at Sheffield Doc Fest on 9th June 2019, with two new scores composed and conducted by Air-Edel’s Terry Davies.

‘Live Cinéma – The Silents of Avant Garde Paris’ showcases a collection of three live orchestral film screenings exploring the seminal works of Man Ray, Fernand Léger and René Clair, with music by Erik Satie and two new scores by Terry Davies. Terry’s new scores for Ballet Mécanique and Les Mysteres Du Chateau De Dé will be performed live by the Modulus Quartet and Charlie Pyne Quartet in a new collaboration between string and jazz ensembles.

“There are a number of fascinating short art films from 1920s Paris that I have long wanted to present to a wider audience, along with live musical accompaniment performed to the highest standard. I am proposing the following three films, all very different and forming a single programme, which together reflect the astonishing creative and revolutionary energy to be found in the Parisian art scene at the time. Whilst these artists and film-makers were mutually aware and mostly supportive of each other, their responses to a complex post-war world were all defiantly individual. I believe this programme will display their extraordinary creativity as well as providing perspective for anybody interested in film history and the visual arts in general. There will also be an accessible expert introduction to the films within the programme. By presenting them with 8 musicians playing live, I hope the energy and relevance of these films will fascinate and entertain others as it has me.” – Terry Davies.

The programme will run at about 1hr 15mins without an interval:
Entr’Acte (René Clair, 1924) – music by Erik Satie
Ballet Mécanique (Fernandez Léger, 1924) – new score by Terry Davies
Les Mystères du Chateau du Dé (Man Ray, 1929) – music by Terry Davies

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