Matthew Strachan has released his latest album ‘Serious Men’ on Lonely Goat Records!

26th August 2016

Air-Edel’s multi award-winning Matthew Strachan has released his latest album ‘Serious Men’ by Lonely Goat Records!

Following in the vein of Fallen Angels and Perfect World Now Possible, the new release lampoons wealthy hipsters, desperate apocalyptics and offended Millennials. There’s even a tear jerker about Evel Knievel. The cinematic sweep of his dark stories are shot through with satirical humour. Lovers, psychopaths, ordinary Joes all crop up in his work, and as one reviewer put it, Strachan is as comfortable writing about Tennessee Klansmen as he is about romance.

“Baby boomers, a wealthy man who hates his family and “what a Muppet campaign song for Donald Trump would sound like”. He is able to sing about anything” – My Entertainment World

Critics liken him to Tom Lehrer, Leonard Cohen and Randy Newman. His creations may not all be loveable but they’re always recognisable. Exasperated bigots, angry Alpha males, voyeurs and dysfunctional daredevils all have their moment in the spotlight. Matthew Strachan gives them all three minutes to tell their tale.

“Well-crafted storytelling within the structure of deceptively simple songs.” – The Reviews Hub
Serious Men is available at iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify!